003: A new hope...

... for the newsletter

Welcome to the third issue of my newsletter. It is in fact the first one for the year 2021. Starting today, it will be published once a week.

What to expect?

Many of you who signed up recently would have an idea on what to expect from this newsletter. It is a weekly digest of new posts on my blog, inspiration and writing behind-the-scene, and perhaps some learnings from relevant conversations held during the week!

Writing a weekly newsletter 📮

To start off this week's digest, let me share with you the essay that explains why I am restarting my weekly newsletter and traces the journey traversed over the course of the past 8 months of writing online.

However, there was something new about this post in particular. It was the first time that I felt free enough to reveal an element of vulnerability to my readers. Committing to publish the newsletter once a week meant that I would have to post essays on my blog at least a few times each week as well.

Although, I only did it because it felt like the time was right to set this big hairy audacious goal and go after it, in my mind there was also uncertainty and fear. This was not new. But sharing the experience publicly was.

Anyway, here we are today, with this issue finally in your inbox. Thank you for coming along on this journey.

Mindfulness in Conversations 💬

Increasing my engagement with others, especially fellow content creators, on twitter, I gained momentum that helped me publish more and also set clear goals for content creation. However, as helpful as these conversations were, they also began to take over a lot of time and energy.

Through this post, I took a step back and reflected on these conversations; specifically, what needed to be done to get back in control of them while making the most of the opportunity.

Externalize your ideas 🍲

To gain some clarity on why to write in public, this essay explores the benefit of externalizing ideas. Give it a read, especially if you like to read insights weaved in together with some vivid visual imagery. Hope you enjoy it!

Helping others find clarity 🟢

Lastly, this is a short and simple reminder to me on why I seek to help others find clarity.