006: from idea to output

creating content flow

Good afternoon, hope you’re having a good week!

Creating Content flow

To create something good consistently, we need a process with a flow optimised for the our craft. This essay from last week explores how content creators develop themselves while improving at their chosen form of expression.

Of prolific creators, there is one common trait — the realisation that they must get out of the way of their own flourishing minds, bursting with ideas to be developed.

In this post, I also shared my current process for going from idea to essay, for those of you who are curious about this.

an evolving process

In the past few days though, I have been experimenting with Craft notes as the place for developing and assembling ideas in place of both bear and obsidian. So far it has been a good experience leading me to consider it for full time use.

Reading and taking notes

Often, while we read, we wish to take notes but seldom actually do because of the friction involved. To get around this, I decided to experiment with using twitter threads for writing down things that resonated with me as I’ve just picked up 1984.

This method has allows having notes out there for others to interact with and even for linking to other thoughts later on.