007: concept maps

… as thinking tools


Over the past couple of weeks, I took up a challenge of making concept maps regularly to practice exploring ideas visually. The purpose of this exercise was to get comfortable with making concept maps and develop my own style for them. 

One of the main benefits of the practice has been the ability to deeply explore a given topic and generate lines of inquiry. Using such a map as a guide, I am able to develop essays on the topic and articulate my position after having given it some thought. Thus it becomes a tool for both understanding as well as creativity.

What is a concept map?

concept map is a free form representation of various ideas and their interconnectedness.

They are a tool for brain-storming as well as exploring one’s thoughts about a topic. It also finds use as a companion activity to reading or learning, to facilitate a better understanding of the subject.

Although in some ways similar to a mind map, concept maps are not strictly hierarchical or constrained, as is a typical mind map.

Maps made so far

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Day 02: Philosophy 

Day 03: Stoicism

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Day 05: Mapping

Day 06: Being Prolific

Day 07: Writing

Day 08: Remembering Ideas

🛠 Tools used

Scapple: for the clean maps which are made using typed-out-text and simple connecting lines; this app is a dream to use. It is made by literature and latte.

Notability: for handwritten quick takes; this is the go to app for digital handwritten notes for me. It is made by ginger labs.