008: Content Conversion

form augments function

In the past week, I experimented with conversion one form of content into another.

essays → concept maps → twitter threads

Doing so is not only fun, it also feeds the creative process by letting me discover the best way to present any particular idea. Long-form content has its benefits, but so do maps, visuals and succinct threads.

Part 1: Learnings with the Melton Foundation

This blog post from last year was an attempt to offer a unique insider perspective on the opportunities presented by the Melton Foundation and my takeaways.

After nearly a decade of sharpening its area of focus on Global Citizenship, the Melton Foundation finds itself at the cusp of a new and exciting chapter in its story.

Last week I presented these learnings, which were originally part of the blog post, through concept maps.

Part 2: How to answer a question?

This is a topic which I ponder about quite often. I feel strongly about the need for clarity in communication. It naturally follows that there is a certain etiquette to be observed while answering a question.

To articulate my version of this etiquette, I began to collect related thoughts in this concept map below:

…which later turned into this thread.