001: The Beginning

Exploring the purpose of Before Publishing: the newsletter

Hello Reader,

I am thrilled to have this conversation with you. Thank you for being here! 

In this first edition, we explore the purpose for this newsletter and what it means for you.

Photo by Jukan Tateisi

Background on blogging

Over the past few years, there has been a latent desire within me to write about learnings on productivity, creativity and beyond and to create resources for myself and others to refer later in the future.

This year, I finally pushed myself off the cliff of inertia and plunged straight into the world of writing online with a few posts already published on my blog. It has been quite exciting. 

A number of contemporary writers regularly share their thoughts online in the spirit of learning in public. Inspired by them (more on this later) I am hoping to derive some value by emulating their process in my own way. 

Writing without resistance

Blogging is a great format to meet the goals of learning in public and writing online. 

However it also brings with it some complexities — the pressure to ensure that there is value each time I publish. So a lot of time and research goes into a publish-worthy post. 

To get more practice with writing online, I feel the need to write without resistance more frequently through another medium which complements my blog. This is to share how I come across ideas, correlate learnings and have conversations with you.

And so here we are with the edition 001 of the newsletter.

About the newsletter

Through the newsletter, you will get a sneak peek at all the thinking and doing that happens behind-the-scenes of my blog. You will also become a part of a small community of people who share our interest in self-improvement and content creation.

At this stage, I do not know what cadence will be possible or effective for this newsletter. Hopefully, with time, we will discover together the right rhythm for this conversation. 

See you in the next one!