004: Thinking about writing

make your own momentum

Hey there! Hope you doing well.

This past week, I was thinking quite a bit about writing in general and these were some of the questions on my mind :

  • how to find something interesting to write about1

  • what makes an essay readable

Why document arguments 🗳

This post captures my experience of documenting arguments along with a quick breakdown of the usual steps. The ultimate purpose for doing this is simple:

When I manage to write down my views, it affords me space for clarity. It doesn't cost much and it requires little or no skill.

Minimum viable essay 📄

This essay was for voicing views on what readers want and how to get there. Every writer has a need to build up their own process to explore topics, select the ones that resonate and writing a minimum viable essay that someone else would like to read.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea.

Editing Writing 🖋

We wear two hats. Writer. Editor. Here’s why:

It is forever a privililage for a writer to borrow a reader's time and present their writing. Editing is therefore a debt of gratitude paid by the writer to the reader, by spending the time well today that the reader saves tomorrow.


Here’s something new I began this week, with some inspiration and encouragement from creators like Sathya and Janis.

Below is a sketch-note from today that presents a condensed version of an essay written earlier in January.2


To tackle this question, I thought back to the time when this essay was published → What should you write about in your notes 📒


Same essay as referenced in footnote 1