005: Not Writing

why create content?

Good afternoon from Chennai, India!

Dont use audio 🎙

In the last week I wrote just one essay. It was on audio as a platform for content creation. Having explored clubhouse and twitter spaces for a while now, I collected my thoughts on how live audio is helping build trust and make new connections.

The essay employs the inversion technique to put across the point. It could have been a lot better but I published it as it was anyway in order to move on to the next challenge.

Why create content?

This is the next challenge. There is no objective answer. However, I am working on a subjective answer for my context by mapping out thoughts that surround this question, rearranging them to identify a flow and hopefully creating a clearer picture.

Part 1: mapping motivation

Part 2: exploring inspiration

Part 3: discovering mechanics

This is where I’ve reached so far. There’s more to come1. The meta-context for the making of this concept map is below:

  • Motivation: to find my content creation North Star

  • Inspiration: countless other content creators refining their purpose as we speak

  • Mechanics: TBD, this should be the outcome of all the thinking and mapping2

A Chat with Visakan Veerasamy 💬

It was a delight to be in conversation with @visakanv on a twitter spaces chat last night. I invited him to have a discussion on content creation and overcoming fear to publish.

Here are a couple of takeaways:

  • 📄 read about the history of pamphleteers

  • ✍🏼 write so much that you fail to recognise your own work

Thank you to everyone who joined in!


Tools used: mindnode for parts 1 and 2, scapple for part 3